Level Your Land With Our Help

Let us take care of the grading services you need in Lake City, Lake Butler, Macclenny, Live Oak or High Springs, FL

It's hard to build on uneven ground. That's where D & T Florida Services, LLC comes in. We'll provide the grading services you need. Our experienced team has the tools and expertise needed to grade your property precisely.

Grading helps to:

  • Prevent water pooling and flooding
  • Prepare your yard for landscaping
  • Make it easier to install hardscapes

Contact us today to ask about our grading services available in Lake City, Lake Butler, Live Oak, Macclenny and High Springs, FL.

Prepare for driveway installation with our help

You can count on us to handle driveway grading. We can even bring in dirt to level out the area. Want a walkway or decorative pavers? Our grading services are perfect for those projects, too. We also build house pads to give homes a level surface.

Call now to plan for driveway grading in Lake City, Macclenny, Lake Butler, Live Oak or High Springs, FL.